–  Question from the Reader  –  


“Can my Ancestor be my Spirit Guide?”

Whilst we may have our ancestors that maybe watching over us, they are usually not our spirit guide.  Guides have the role of guiding us through our life’s lessons.  We chose them before we came down, due to their expertise on the lessons we need to do.  Unlike for the ancestors, the guides must remain unbiased no matter how hard our life/choices get.  Often, they need to demonstrate tough love to us.

When a mother/father teaches their child, sometimes it’s easier for them to just do it for them.  However, if that is done, the child will never learn.  So great patience and strength is required to just assist in their learning.  Spirit guides goes through the similar challenges.

Our guides can see far more than us about ourselves and our future.  However, our life is always ours and they need to let us be the driver.  At times, we may make a decision that may hurt us, but our spirit guides cannot take the power of choice from us.  They will try and let us know that we shouldn’t go that way, but if we persist, they have to watch us get hurt.  At times, choices we make can shorten our life, or make us go through enormous pain.  Nevertheless, a guide can never stop that from happening, if we chose to go that way.  To a loving soul, this is very challenging, and they too are tested to demonstrate great strength and resilience.  Spirit guides are also evolving, in their soul paths.

Although we have the power to decide about our life, there is exception.  This is when our decision/action moves us away from the lessons we signed up to do this life time.  For this, the spirit guides will enforce their power over our own to align us.  When there are many chances, they will let us run for a while, but it will always catch up with us.  With the lesson we must do, they give us the easiest situations first, to do those lesson.  So, it is always recommended to not run but to try and face it.  If you choose to avoid it, the next best situation will be aligned to us and it continues.  If we run till the end, we can end up doing the lesson in a most difficult circumstance.

Spirit guides are often very helpful and will provide us with lost of hints to finish the lesson, giving us the advice on the best course of action.

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