Does Good Means Good?

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  


In my early days of channelling professionally, I was asked whether all was good in a client’s relationship.  The Guide’s answer was yes.  Later, I found out that her relationship ended quickly and I was puzzled.  Her guide’s answer was that, it was all good, as she was on the right path to break up.  The relationship was supposed to end:  there was no more lesson for her with that man.

Their “good” doesn’t always mean good in a human sense.

Guides are looking at a bigger picture, when answering any question we may have.  So, we need to be careful in interpreting what they mean.  Guide’s purpose in guiding us, is for our soul to advance.  This means that when certain experience we will have, is in direct alignment to our lesson, they will say that it’s good to go that way.  This can sometimes mean that it can be an awful experience for us.  However, there will always be a great learning from it.

Hearing this, some people may try to avoid those experiences.  However, if it’s set out to be learned, it will not help by running away.  One reason is that, the Guides arrange the easiest situation first for us.  If we turn it down, then in time, next easiest situation is given.  If we turn down every time, we might end up doing the same lesson in a hardest situation.  If it must be done, the Guides will do their best to prevent us from refusing it totally.  As a general rule, if it has to be done, it’s easiest to do it the first time.