During Covid – Part 2

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –


Another part of pandemic we can’t avoid is the collective negative energy from stress and hardship that is saturated in the world and in our environment.  This is not just for the pandemic but also natural disasters or any disasters and larger scale accidents.  We are made of energy, even the physical (tangible) side of us.  Physical is just a particular pattern of energy collectively, which makes it tangible.  When negative energy in a mass saturates us, it will influence us in a negative way.

What do we do in these situations?  If we are able to get healing and cleansing for our home done by a professional, that will be the quickest solution.  Do this more often than usual to combat the amount we are absorbing.  In the meantime, focus on raising our frequency and also prevent lowering our frequency.  Below are some of the things that can be done to assist our frequency.  


10 Methods of Frequency Raising

  1. Meditation – Especially energy meditation is effective. This type of meditation assists in downloading energy to cleanse and top up, and various conditioning.
  2. Bath / Sauna / Shower / Foot bath – For those that have a bath tub, add salt (Sea salt / Lake Salt) and essential oils (Sage, Lavender) for cleansing energy. When our body lets go tension, it also promotes energy flow.
  3. Sleep – We all have natural ability to recuperate and energise while sleeping. If able to sleep, try to do so more often than usual.  There are a lot more that happens during this time but for this, please refer to my future blog on During Sleep.
  4. Food – Be selective with food we eat.  Every food has its own energy and unfortunately, junk foods and chemical saturated foods lowers our frequency in addition to the harm it has on our physical body.  For those that loves junk food, go back to eating it when in better condition.
  5. Music – Some music promotes higher frequency. Classicals and relaxing music tends to heal us.  For those that prefer Heavy metals, it’s best to listen to it when return to better condition.
  6. Drums – Types of drums like Native American Indian Drums and Crystal drums has frequency that will crush stubborn negative energy so it’s easier to be released. Hence it can be used as a great healing tool.
  7. Activities that uplift us – Have a list of hobbies and activities we love doing and use it like a First Aid Kit that we can refer back to, when in need. Ensure to have very long and variety of things we love doing, and what we want to try in the future.  Select those in the list that we can still do in each situation from the list.  Especially those activities where we can really sink deep into or those that makes us laugh out loud is effective in raising our frequency.
    As a warning, this list must not have anything that is just a sabotage.  Best to also create the list when we are happy and not when we are already in the rut.  When we are feeling low already, it’s often very difficult for us to see other than how bad we feel.  So, it’s better to be something that we can quickly look and prompt us into the happy thoughts.
  8. People – Interact / talk with those that we love to chat with. For those that are fortunate enough to have people that are fun to talk to, allocate time to chat with them.  On the other hand, try and disconnect with those that pull us down.  Connect with them once we are in a better condition or it is a good time to reassess those that we want to stay in touch with.  Look at what is making us stay with them and allocating our valuable time for them.
    If a friend is in need, that is fine.  However, if someone is always negative or just using us as a dumping ground for their stress relief whilst they are always repeating the same thing not wanting to change, it’s time to allocate our time for someone new.  By us letting them be, it’s not good for this person nor us.  Sometimes wakeup call is needed.
  9. Crystals – Crystals have natural frequencies and they project it. By being close to it, we get influenced by its positive energy. For more details, please refer to my future blogs on Crystals.
  10. Pets / Plants – Plants, Flowers and Pets all have ability to heal us and energy around us.  Having said that, too much absorption of our negative energy in one go will make them unwell, not coping with the speed that they need to clean. In these circumstances, have them in numbers or book with professionals to keep up with good maintenance.