During Sleep

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –


What Happens During Our Sleep?

Most of us know that we sleep to rest and heal our body & brain, as well as processing emotions / events that happened during the day.  However, did you know that we do a lot more?  We have noted below, some of our hidden behaviours while we sleep.

7  Things We Do, In Our Sleep

  1. Receive messages from the Guide – When we sleep, sometimes we receive messages from our guide through dreams. Not all dreams are messages off-course, but occasionally we receive one that has a great meaning.  Having a dream note book near the pillow will enable us to jot down snippets of our dreams immediately after we wake up.  If we are able to recall more details based on those notes, we may be able to receive the messages that our guide wanted to convey.  We can use the dream dictionary as a reference point when interpreting but it’s always best to seek the meaning based on what it means to the beholder of those dreams.

  2. Do part of our lesson via dreams – Especially when there is a pattern that we can’t break, sometimes our Guide test us throughout dream to see if we can break the negative pattern. If we are close to finishing it, we often know what we are supposed to be doing.  If we are able to do what is supposed to be done in the dream, we are close to finishing it or we have finished through that dream.  It doesn’t always have to be through reality for us to be tested.
  3. Learning & training the soul – Sometimes we are invited to study during our sleep. There is something that we have to learn and hence we are taken up to study while we sleep.
  4. Astral Travel – When we have unanswered questions, sometimes we end up going out of our body to search for it randomly while our body sleeps. Some people can remember the travel, but most don’t.  There is also a degree of risk involved in doing so, as we are uncertain as to where we go.  We don’t always end up in a happy & clean place.  When this happens, we may come back with a lot of negative energy we’ve absorbed.  We also may have picked up various metaphysical things on the way that weigh us down.  When seeking answers to certain challenges, it’s best to remind ourselves to ask our Guide before going to bed.  That way, we often can minimise random travelling.
  5. Contracts & path adjustments – We sign contracts before we come down on earth which lists lessons, we agree to do this time. When there needs to be adjustments to this contract, we are sometimes called during our dream or even during meditation to go over the changes or any necessary processes.
  6. Communicate with other people metaphysically. Similar to when we are astral travelling to search for answers, sometimes we seek people too.  For instance, a mother that is wondering the welfare of her children that lives afar, may seek for them when she sleeps.  Most people will not recall the details but their urge to contact often declines when they get to talk to them and get the answers they need.
  7. Connecting with loved ones that have passed over – When we miss someone that have passed over, sometimes we request them to come and see us subconsciously. If we are fortunate enough, they will be able to come and see us and communicate with us while we sleep.
    Although not everyone can remember their dreams, our happiness and nostalgia will linger after we wake up.  If it’s just a dream recalling the memory of them, we are left with emptiness.  If we really were able to see them, often there will be a degree of satisfaction that remains in us.


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