Can I avoid all hardships in my life by having Healing Sessions?
Repetitive hardships and painful experiences can be avoided by having healing done regularly, if the lesson has already been learned on those experiences. However, if there are things yet to be learned by a particular experience, they are not allowed to be removed to avoid any hindering of soul growth.
Can I find out other people’s personal information?
Only information that is permitted by your Spirit Guide is gathered. As a general rule, any information that you will be affected by, can be gathered about others, but any information that is just to satisfy curiosity, won’t be allowed.
Can I remove all that needs to be removed in a single session?
Whilst we remove what is holding you down as much as possible, we also ensure to remain within the safe amount of removal in any particular session for safety reason. We always check with your Spirit Guide for maximum you can take, and the safe space of time you need to leave till the next session, to avoid any adverse effects.
Is healing safe?
It’s a non-invasive (no touch) method that is powerful and effective. We ensure to only remove what will be safe according to your Spirit Guide and also by consulting with you on what you would be comfortable with.
How much does a Healing Session cost?
Please click on this link for more information on Healing Session Prices.
Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes, all sessions are by appointment only, click here for our contact details.

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