To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

–    Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  


Forgiving self can play a vital role in people’s healing journey.  However, is forgiving another, really needed at all in our healing journey?

From the perspective of our soul, our world here on earth is like a school.  We come down to learn specific lessons we decided to do.  In essence, those that hurt us is just a study partner in terms of soul.  Whilst we learn from one side, they will learn from the opposite side.  This means that, it doesn’t matter who it was that hurt us.  If not this person, we would have gotten another person that have the potential to be our study partner, who would have hurt us in a similar way for us to do the lesson.  Hence, the focus should be on our lesson, rather than on those that failed their side of the lesson and ended up hurting us.

The focus is to learn as much as possible from the experience so that we can move forward.  Once we fully learned it, we can avoid reoccurrence, as the experience is not needed any more for our advancement.

Having said that, as a human being, we are controlled by our emotions.  So, it’s easier said than done to remove the emotion out of any painful experiences.  The deeper the pain and/or loss, the harder it is to disconnect from the immediate emotion and to look at the experience as learning opportunity.

One useful tool, is a sounding board method.  Talking to friends often gives us perspective and allow us to see the third person’s point of view with more ease.  This is not to whinge about what happened, but rather, to step back to think by explaining the situation to another.  This way, we often can look at a bigger picture and more calmly analyse the experience for our growth.  Journal writing is another useful tool to get perspective when we cannot talk to another.

When our negative emotion comes to the surface, it is important to acknowledge it and forgive ourself for feeling that way.  After all, it’s natural for us to feel upset when we are treated wrongly and unfairly.  However, it is important to not stay there long.  Whilst we initially have negative feelings about an experience or a person that wronged us, we need to quickly switch our mind set to analysing it as a lesson.

Furthermore, if the emotion is very deep, it makes it easier when healing/channelling is done to clear the load so that we can gather our strength and to focus on what is required.