Is Your Death Set in Stone?

–  Questions from the Readers  –  


Thank you to everyone that has sent me the topics that you would like me to cover in my blog.  I will do my best to go through as many as possible in my blog.

First up is this question,

“Is your death set in stone?”

The short answer is that, most of the time, it’s not.  We are all born with many possible paths that we can take, when we are born.  Lifespan will not be the same for all paths that we can take.  Some events or lessons are already decided before we come down, but we are able to choose our actions.  When we make decisions and take certain actions through our life, we end up choosing the corresponding paths.

Also, there are other special cases too.  A person I knew was very diligent and efficient in finishing her lessons she came down to do.  Just before she was about to finish all her scheduled lessons, she had a dream.  Her guide told her in her dream that she had a choice to make, due to her finishing her lessons way before the expiry of her body.  One choice was to stay on her original schedule and run the course of her current path.  This meant that, when she completed and passed all lessons she came down to do this time, she could go back to where her soul came from: i.e., pass away.  The second choice was to sign up for the new lessons out of what was still pending for her soul.  Rather than coming back down again in a new body and start from scratch, she had the chance to choose this offer this life time.  She chose this second offer.  The new contract was signed for this, and guides that could assist her with these new lessons were arranged.  This choice isn’t granted for all, as the soul must meet certain condition for this to be allowed.  The soul must have lessons that could still be done in the current body and environment.  The time that remains must also be enough too, to be considered.

There are also instances of where there will be a soul swap.  This is where one soul finishes all lessons scheduled this time, and then another soul takes over the body to do their lessons from there on.  The new soul must match both the body and the situation in which for the lessons to be done.  This is more a rarer version and usually it’s prearranged before the person (body) is born.  In this situation, the body remembers all the history of the earlier stages of their life and the change is subtle, so people around will not notice the difference.  Think of our body as a car.  Even when the driver changes, it’s not going to be as noticeable for people around.  The new Spirit/Soul will also be debriefed beforehand.  The new soul normally will not feel the difference on conscious level.  They go through adjustment metaphysically, then off they go.

To note, the length of a life does not determine how well the soul performed in their life.  Also, how a person died do not necessarily define it either.  It’s how they lived and how much they learned and advanced during their life time, that determines their performance.