Practitioner Profile

Yuki Sakane spirit

Yuki is a gifted communicator and energy worker who works with her clients to enable them to access and address issues that are standing in the way of a more fulfilling and successful life.

Originally from Japan, Yuki immigrated to Australia over 30 years ago and now consults in both Japanese and English.

Yuki’s gifts have been present since she was a child. Yuki has continued to develop these skills by training extensively and is a now Reiki Master, Medium and Soul Worker and an Animal Communicator. Yuki works on many levels as a channel and medium with higher guidance using the many tools available to her to assist in healing her clients, such as the spiritual white light, colour and vibrational energy and crystals.

Yuki accesses information from her guides and light workers and from her client’s guides, so that a client’s vibrations at the soul level can be raised and they may learn why they are on this earth and learn to make more satisfying life choices.

After working with Yuki, clients come to confidently use their unique abilities more fully and they begin to truly move forward by expanding their capabilities and responding to opportunities for personal growth.

“Upon walking into the clinic and meeting Yuki for the first time, I could feel that she has a beautiful energy, and her words reached my heart directly. It was like she was speaking directly to my soul. I find her honest and sincere. Very pleasant and approachable person.
Paula, Sydney

“Yuki was able to clarify every question I had, and as they were all so clear and precise, I felt she is very sharp and someone who rarely makes any mistakes. But after the session ended, I saw that she is very down to earth and cheerful person. She has both the serious side as well as fun loving side. I have had my share of rough time, but Yuki always showed me that I can count on her. I feel comfortable that there is someone I can talk to, when I really need someone that understands and support me”.
Tony, Kensington

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