Healthy Eating

At Soul Alignment we believe, in addition to maintaining your etheric body, that it is important to take care of your physical body. With this in mind, we have selected a range of delicious organic products for you to enjoy.

Coconut Magic‘s organic coconut product range use only the finest, raw, organic coconut ingredients, during production nothing is added, to provide the purest organic coconut products.

Goody Goody Popcorn is full of fun and full flavour, is certified gluten free, contains no preservatives and has no artificial flavours or colours.

Jt’s Coconut Essence 完全に非常に同じ日に採取し、缶詰、新鮮な緑のココナッツから製造されます. The Coconut Water is free of fat, cholesterol, additives and preservatives and not to mention totally unsweetened and gluten free.

Loving Earth 健康を提供するために、世界中の小規模生産者のコミュニティと連携, sustainable & fair ingredients, 彼らは、生チョコレートバーやスーパーフードスナックの独自の範囲を手作りするために使用します.

Thomas Chipman Organic Chips are Australia’s leading range of certified organic, 100% gluten free chips. All Thomas Chipman products use only the highest quality Australian grown produce and are free from artificial colours or flavours, preservatives. added MSG, nuts & high salt levels (as compared to similar products available).


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