Safe Distance?

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  


“My horrid Ex is half a world away now, so I will be fine…. “

Is this a correct perception?  Maybe it is, in terms of the physical problems that this “ex” may have caused this person.  However, what about in terms of metaphysical impact?  When dealing with highly toxic person, is there such thing as a “Safe Distance”?

Unfortunately, distance do not matter, when it comes to energy.  When people think deeply about us, they automatically connect to us energy wise.  The stronger the emotion, the stronger the connection will be.  When we are connected, we tend to share energy, and get influenced.  If their frequency is lower than ours, we can feel drained, as our energy will mix.  If we are sensitive enough, we can even feel the pain of negative energy and emotion coming from them.

When we are metaphysically connected, we can also share information.  This is what happens with a mother (or a father) that is concerned about their child’s wellbeing from afar.  They sometimes get the instinctive feeling about the condition of their child.  In most cases, they are connected to them, gathering information metaphysically.

So, what do we do?

If our energy to their energy is not too different in terms of frequency and that they have positive intent towards us, it usually will not be a great concern.

Against a toxic person however, we need to be more alert.  Normally, we all have a natural protective mechanism where our walls come up when we feel unsafe being near someone.  However, distance may give us a false sense of security and we may end up letting our guard down, allowing their energy to come through and drag us down.

Our normal protective mechanism only works to certain extent, so for a more severe connection, it is best to contact the professionals to get a deep healing/cleansing done.  If you experience below, it is good to see a professional for a thorough check-up.

Some Symptoms of Metaphysical Connections:

  • Someone crossing our mind incessantly.
  • Suddenly feel heavy with no apparent reason.
  • Thoughts that are out of our character, keeps invading our mind.
  • Frequently attracting negative experiences and people.
  • Others keep calling us by a wrong name.