So, What’s Wrong with Negative Energy?

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –


When we absorb negative energy or get influenced by it, our frequency drops.  When this happens, our negative attributes and weaknesses tend to come to the surface.  Our performance drops or what used to be easy becomes harder.  Some may get more irritable, depressed, lethargic, lack of focus & patience, sore, ill, accelerated aging etc.  We also start to attract more negative experiences.  Our Soul, Mind and body do not do well at low frequency for a prolonged period.

” Aging?  … Maybe Not “

As we age, if a person has not gotten their energy cleansed and conditioned for their entire life, then they are carrying their whole life worth of negative energy.  However, quite often people dismiss their uncomfortable feelings as product of stress or even process of aging.  Of-course, to some extent this is correct for each individual but I often see that majority are not.  We all have natural ability to cleanse and top up ourselves to certain level.  However, over the years what cannot be cleared will accumulate unless we go to a professional to get a thorough cleansing and healing.  For more information, please head to my healing page.

Negative energy can come both from internal and external.  When people dwell in negative emotion, they are growing negative energy within them.  This is one type of negative energy from internal source.  External source is those that are absorbed from others and environment.  One example I see often is when someone has ill intent towards us and if that is strong enough, it can connect to us metaphysically and we absorb negative energy from them.  There are numerous other types of external sources so it is always good to go to professionals for periodical check-ups and deep cleansing.  This can be checked by either healing / channelling session done by professionals.

” Heightened Charisma & Magnetism “

As our frequency rises higher, range of frequency that we can access changes.  Furthermore, we get more access to wisdom and our hidden / blocked abilities.  Charisma and magnetisms are also heightened.  When our frequency rises, so too our ability to download and access higher frequencies.  This means that our natural abilities to top up, heal and protect metaphysically will also rise.  For those that can do healing/channelling, our abilities will become stronger and more effective.

Quite often deeper healings and cleansings will be required ongoingly to reach high but our main purpose in coming down to earth is for our soul to evolve and grow, so removing what is hindering this growth is vital for speedy advancement and smooth flow.