Soulmate? Part 1

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  


Those that are in tune, or a sensitive soul may be able to feel a pull when a soul with strong connections passes their life.  Sometimes I hear people say things like,

“He must be my soul mate, as he feels so familiar!!”

However, this isn’t always the case.  The initial feeling of the pull we may be feeling doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a positive connection from the past life.  This is because we cannot always able to distinguish whether a strong feeling is positive in nature or a negative one to start with.  If we experienced Hell from this soul in the past, it will still feel very strong and familiar, just like it would for a strong loving connection.  If it was a negative experience, it can easily become a negative cycle this time around.  Much care and caution are needed to protect ourselves in such cases.  Unless we are a professional and know what is the best course of action, it’s better to get it checked before diving into such connection.

So, is it important to find our soulmate?

In a soulmate relationship, we often feel natural to be with them.  No matter how long we have not spoken to each other, when we catch up, it feels like we were always in touch with each other.  It’s like a best friend at soul level.  Hence, it’s usually easier to build a deep trust and care for each other.  For these qualities, some people are drawn to seek their soulmate.  However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t build just as beautiful relationships with other types of souls.

Unfortunately, an image of a soulmate is often over romanticised and looked upon as something very special and rare.  With such notion, it can often become misleading.  We can have soulmates in between families and friends, and not always in a romantic way.  We also sometimes can have multiple soulmates in one lifetime.  Furthermore, it’s not always the soulmates that can become the most important people in our life.  Hence, if we end up getting too concerned about attracting a soulmate, we may end up missing a perfectly good opportunity.

We attract certain types of souls in alignment to the lessons we came down to learn.  So, it’s good to view the types of soul relationships as information that can enable us to better understand the relationship we are in, rather than restricting us in anyway.