Success Formula

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  


“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

Is this just a cliché?

No, this is very important when attracting success.  Strong will must be gathered before we search for the way, because we only see the tip of the ice-burg and quite often, we are unaware of our full potential.

Unfortunately, I have found over the years that many people do quite the opposite, where they find the way first then to decide whether they can gather their will to pursue it.  This means that, they are often settling for smaller and easier success, losing valuable opportunities of bigger success.


If our Guide informs us that our dream is in our future possibilities, it’s best to work on strengthening our will, rather than focusing on how it can be achieved with what we already know/have.  Otherwise, we may forever leave it aside and never get to pursue it.

Our will and determination are one of our core powers, which enable us to attract what we pursue.  Hence what we see as reachable at the beginning will change depending on the direction and the strength of our will and determination.   Only after we succeed, we understand our true abilities.  Our initial perception of ourselves is often not the final version of our selves.

Be prepared to be tested for your strength.  Our guide can help more, when we do more on our side.  Hence, we will be tested for our will and determination, as well as any other attributes, to get to the end goal.


Building the Success Alignment: 

  1. Identify your dream without considering whether it seems possible or not.
  2. Check that there is a blessing from your Guide to pursue it (possibility to success exists and that, pursing it will not get in the way of your core lessons).
  3. Strengthen your determination and ensure that both consciously and subconsciously, that’s the way you would like to go. No zig zagging.
  4. Free yourself from any blocks, both physically and metaphysically.
  5. Even if some steps the Guide recommends may seem like a longer route at times, just charge through. It may be revealed later on, that it fits into place.
  6. Maintain the strength of your will towards your goal. Do not give up, nor change the goal based on hardship faced on the way.