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Yuki is very skilled in her work, she goes above and beyond for her clients.  She has high integrity and is a really wonderful person. Her healing work is remarkable, and at times instantaneous. Her channelling is super accurate. She has helped me, my family and pets in so many ways, I couldn’t have done it without her.

— Lily Chan Lane Cove

I had been feeling low in energy for some time and I've noticed a marked improvement in the feel of my flat after a house clearing...... I got some clarity on a destructive past connection and the following day experienced some (release of) anger and emotion about it that I hadn’t been able to feel previously. Highly recommended......I’m feeling a big difference in the energy in the flat and myself. Thanks for your hard work.

— Janine Lane Cove

I have been seeing Yuki for her spiritual support for more than 5 years. She was always right! I have faced some difficult decisions on several occasions. What I learned from these experiences was that we all have something we don't want to face - our fear - our weaknesses - our laziness etc - and whatever decisions we make, we have to bear the consequences. Our life is all up to us; for whether we make it better or worse, meaningful or head buried in the sand, believing or not believing. I have now chosen to face my challenges as much as I can. This is how Yuki has guided me through the spiritual world and I am glad I had her support throughout the difficult times. She is the only one that I can trust, which comes from my experience with others.

— M.Z. Wollstonecraft

I am a Managing Director of a 30 million dollar turnover company and making hard decisions is an everyday occurrence. By confirming my thoughts and soul with Yuki, I can ascertain that I am on track with my goals. I also believe that it has been a good investment to do her course to develop my intuition needed for good decision-making, which is vital for my success. Stress is something that I cannot eliminate from my busy life, and I find that a regular healing session with Yuki revitalises me so that I can deal with the stress before it affects my physical body. I recommend her service, especially to any other business owners and corporate people that are in a similar demanding life where they are forced to push themselves to achieve their goals. Her distant healing and remote one-on-one workshops has worked out very well for me as it has enabled me to continue even while I am overseas on a business trip.

— Michelle Randwick NSW

It was my very first time to experience her healing session and such a service like this. It felt extraordinary. Before I decided to come and see her, I was doubtful. But after the session, I thought it was amazing. I would like to receive her guiding service regularly from now on.

— Hiro Waterloo NSW

I was living regretting my past actions, but I can now start to live my life again. Thank you for contacting him upstairs and allowing me to express my apology to him.

— M.K. Sydney NSW

You are precise with your work and get to the core of an issue quickly.

— T Penrith NSW

My environment has transformed since I did a session with you. Can't think of any other reason but you.

— Mr. Takai Sydney NSW

You hit the nail on the head. How do you know my sister half a world away? ... I do reflexology on my father. On the days that you do your session with him, I can feel that his feet are in much better condition ...

— S.I. Holland

It was just an amazing experience the first time I felt what you call energy through my body. I'm lost for words. It was so powerful, I was shivering all over.

— M.K. Sydney

I totally lost my voice for a week for no obvious reason, and I was going through a tough time trying to communicate with others. You treated me over the phone for 15min, and already I was starting to regain my voice. After the end of a single session, I was able to talk with you. I dont know what you did, but you certainly cured me. Thank you for helping me.

— Masa Brisbane QLD

I didn't know the reason for a long time for my sudden outburst of hostility, and it was stressing me and my mother. After seeing you, I am now clear with what goes on inside me and why I react a certain way. It has removed a load off my shoulder, and I am feeling stronger than ever. I am more in control of my life now.

— N.B. Sydney North NSW

My friends were so shocked to see the traces of tears on my face after your session. They all knew me as a happy person. You were the only one that sensed the pain inside me and released me from it.

— N.Y. Dulwich Hill

Still aren't sure of what you do, but things started to take a turn around in my life after I saw you.

— T.M. NSW

I like Yuki in a sense that she is very down to earth and real to me. It was my very first time to learn to meditate, and my previous image of people in spiritual field was someone that was far from reality. Yuki is a type of person that can relate to ordinary people, being able to tell me that, it's not realistic to try and be perfect, so just try and understand what you need to learn from your experiences when you are more settled". I may not be explaining this very well, but what I mean to say is that she meets me at my eye level when providing guidance. I like how she feels real, and I'm able to relate to her.

— Hiromi Sydney NSW

I feel much less stressed when I'm with my partner now. Your relationship cycle matching is working.

— Karen Inner West

I decided to see you at a time when I had lost my path. I wanted to go in the right direction, but needed help to see things clearly. You have assisted me to gain this, and more. You helped me get over the pain I felt for my family member, which had ruled my decisions in my life. I am now free from this trap. I choose my life now, the way I want it to be.

— Peter Surry Hills

I noticed the following changes after I've started seeing Yuki. I've achieved positive thinking patterns. I was always curious about spiritual things in life, but now I have deeper understanding and I am more consciously aware of these experiences. I have overcome the place where I was stuck in my life before. My intuition has sharpened.

— A.F. Surry Hills NSW

After the healing session ended, I felt uplifted and clear. You explained things step by step and very thoroughly, so I was able to understand with ease. Thank you very much.

— Y.S. Willoughby

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