There is no punishment…but…

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  

Whenever we do things that are genuinely positive, we raise our frequency and more positive we line up in our future.  By stating “genuine”, it refers to having no calculation of return behind these actions.  So, what happens when something negative is done?

Especially those that was done based on selfish calculations, is there any punishment for such behaviour?

Unfortunately, there is no punishment in the sense that we human define as, no matter the type of negative behaviour.  Each Guide will arrange events to serve as a wakeup call for the person, for them to realise that they should not be continuing such behaviour.  It will be very subtle at first then it gets harder, and then into more obvious painful experiences, until the person learns.

If the person does not realise and continue the negative behaviour, their frequency drops further and they may also lose what they were supposed to receive in the future.  At a glance, the chain of event may appear to be a punishment but rather, it’s arranged with positive intent to setup a learning environment for the person.  Over all, negative and ugly intents only make the person lose more than they gained, although at first it seems as though they got away by easy solution/gratification.

This does not only apply to the perpetrator, but also to the victims too.  As a victim, there are something they are doing or not doing which invited those lessons.  Hence their Guide will arrange experiences that will enable them to wake up to it.  Whatever the case may be, doing ongoing shadow work always helps, to achieve a more efficient and speedy advancement.