What is Soul Alignment?

Soul Alignment assesses what needs attention in your life, using a non-invasive (no touch) method that is powerful and effective.

In a Healing Session, we will be looking principally at your Metaphysical aspects, focusing on:

  • Soul Condition
  • Karmic Blue Print
  • Aura & Chakra
  • Entity Attachments
  • Core & Subconscious Alignment
  • Energy (negative) Attacks
  • Any other aspects that may arise (case by case)
Your ‘information’ will be accessed mainly from:

  • The Akashic Record
  • Creator & Spirit Guides
  • Other White Light Workers

All sessions will be under the guidance of the Creator, in accordance with what instructions we receive from that channel.

In terms of energy, we use coloured vibrational frequencies.

Everyone is different, so not all aspects may be covered in any one session. We go by what is advised by the Spirit Guides and the Creator, from the most important (ie what is blocking you) to the least influencing aspect.

There will be messages for you from the Spirits during or at the end of the session so as to guide you about what you are facing right now.