Developing Your Special Abilities

We are all born with special abilities that enable us to achieve our aspirations. At times we require work in awakening and in sharpening those abilities to be able to use them most effectively.
Our purpose at Soul Alignment is to assist you to develop your intuition and capabilities – which are the skills required for your success and goal achievement (both business and personal).

Energy Meditation

  • Spiritual understanding & knowledge
  • Removing limitations & blocks
  • Discovering and empowering the self
  • Connecting with the Spirit Guides
  • Developing your intuition & special talent
  • Refining your tools and skill set

The course is split into 3 levels.

  • L1 Beginner
  • L2 Intermediate
  • L3 Advanced

Sessions can be done in Groups, One on one, or over the Telephone (Telephone method is for L2-3 only).

Gifted Children

Some children are born with certain wonderful gifts that are developed even at a young age. While this is a beautiful and fascinating quality, it can be quite challenging in daily life for them and those around them.
At this workshop, we assist those children and their parents in gaining an understanding, as well as providing assistance in pursuing the child’s special path.

Our workshops cover:

  • Gaining clarity
  • Learning protection and knowledge to assist in development and growth
  • Alignment with the best path
  • Adaptation in daily life

The course is split into 3 levels.

  • L1 Beginner
  • L2 Intermediate
  • L3 Advanced

Ask us for a free assessment on whether your child will require the workshop or whether a Healing session will be sufficient.

Healing with Drums

Native American Indian Drums are a powerful and effective tool that can be used for in depth Meditation, Healing and Channelling. At the workshop, we show you how to get the most out of this valuable tool, at all levels, and also different techniques that can be used for various purposes.

Class is Sundays from 2pm till 3pm. All levels are welcome, but for an absolute beginner it is recommended that a few beginner classes be taken before joining a more experienced class. Bookings are essential.


Meditation is the art of looking inside and discovering one’s own inner being. There are many different types of meditation and many different purposes for doing meditation. Whatever your purpose is, finding the style that suits you is important. At Soul Alignment, we teach energy based meditation to achieve many different benefits, some of which are;

  • Raising your vibration
  • De-stressing from your daily busy life
  • Removing your blocks and promoting the flow
  • Boosting your energy levels and enhancing performance
  • Retrieving back inner peace & happiness
  • Gaining wisdom and clarity
  • Receiving messages from your Spirit Guide

We provide a safe and protected environment for each individual. The theme and focus will vary each week and you are welcome to bring your crystals to meditate with.

Class is held Sundays from 3:30pm till 4:30pm. Bookings are essential.


Please refer to our Consultation Method & Pricing page for further information about our Workshops.