Yuki’s Tips & Tricks for Boosting your ENERGY Levels when the going gets tough!

In the past few months, I have come across many that are facing challenges and have had so much demanded out of them. So, to assist those that may be feeling out of breath or just cannot start their engine I have listed below, some of my Tips & Tricks for Boosting your Energy Levels when the going gets tough or when you are not in a mood to do anything.

Top up your energy (physical and metaphysical)

  • Download energy to top yourself up. This is metaphysical technique I am referring to here, so if you don’t know how to do it, consider learning it or book yourself in for a Healing Session.
  • Do what you really enjoy or find new things you love. Sometimes you just have to allocate the time so you can avoid decline of performance. Remove guilt here, as this is something necessary for you to keep up your performance. Better than dragging and procrastinating, so it will be a time well spent. I love to watch happy movies or animal clips on YouTube, it makes me laugh and sets me free from feeling down. Also, if I can allocate a day for myself, I love to spend time with my pets and have a lazy day in pjs.


Treat what is making you feel low

  • Sometimes the task you are dreading can seem much bigger than it is, so make sure you look at it clearly and remove the illusion.
  • Remove from your list what is actually not needed or not worth it (best to confirm with your Spirit Guides rather than deciding for yourself). This may shorten the list or remove what you were dreading to do in the first place.
  • If you are overwhelmed with the number of tasks you are required to do, split them up. We all live life doing lots of things, and if we are told of all our accomplishments and what we have got to do right at the start, many will just be too overwhelmed and give up. So do what we are naturally doing all along, cut to smaller steps and focus on what has got to be done now.
  • Set rewards or any other incentives that work for you. Note however that this will only work for incentive driven people. You have to determine your personality and do what suits you the best. Personally, I look at the people living in war-torn countries and wild animals and how hard their lives are, this gets me out of the mindset that I’m having a hard life, and makes me feel that I should get on with what I have to do.
  • Sometimes I’m just lacking sleep or nutrition and I cannot go on any more. You just have to allocate the time in this case and something has to give if it’s a time issue.
  • Come and have a Healing Session to check your metaphysical state. We can look for things like whether you have entanglements from others; are getting energetically attacked; or have entities that are creating a negative environment etc. In most cases, by removing these external influences, you should feel the release.
  • Get your health checked by a professional. Sometimes it’s purely a health issue rather than metaphysical or emotional issue.
  • Look at your personality. If you tend to be negative initially or overly worry, look at how you can change that or snap out of it with more ease. Ask your Spirit Guide for assistance or book yourself in for a Channelling Session.
  • Avoid spending time with those that are negative during the tough times. You don’t need to end the relationship, but when you are not in a good state, it is best to spend time with those that are positive or assist you to have clearer mind.
  • Come in for a Healing Session and check for the cause in your past life or subconscious level and get it treated.
  • Are you spending enough time on those things that you thrive on? You might just lack that and have lost the joy of life.


Reassess your path, goals and mindset

  • Look at whether the cause is to do with unrealistic goals or whether your view has changed or doubt has kicked in and that is making you slow down.
  • Are you on the right path or the most efficient path to get where you want to go? Is it something your Spirit Guide is supporting you on? Is the timing right?
  • Is what I am trying to achieve worth the hardship I’m going through? It’s my life after all and I have to see if it’s all worth it for me. If it is, I just look ahead and keep going. If I choose to procrastinate, it’s my choice. However, in this case I have to be fully aware that not doing things on time can mean I chose not to do it and must accept the consequences.
  • Do I need to make a choice between all that I want to achieve or by doing things better? Should I be able to achieve them all? Ask your Spirit Guide for assistance or book yourself in for a Channelling Session.


If you would like some more information or would like to have Yuki help resolve your issues, please contact us.