Animal Healing & Communication

Our pets are part of our family. Naturally we would all like the whole family to be healthy and emotionally balanced, but sometimes that’s not always the case.  We may have a pet with emotional issues such as separation anxiety, phobias, or another health issue.

Soul Alignment offers energetic healing and in depth understanding with what is occurring, harmonises imbalances and assists in improving the day-to-day wellbeing of your pet.

It is a stressful time when your pet is ill or you have been advised of the bad news about the animal. No matter how many times this is experienced, the heartache can be terrible each time.  As much as it’s up to each individual to be strong at this difficult time, it isn’t necessary to go through this alone.

Soul Alignment can clarify the situation, identifying the choices that are available, and provide healing for all the parties involved during this tough period.