During Covid – Part 1

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –


It has been really tough for many, both mentally and physically during the current Covid pandemic.  In the tough time, we tend to focus on the negative and this quite often makes us feel even worse.  Most of us know that seeing glass half empty instead of half full makes us feel down.  Then why do we do this?  That’s because it’s human nature to look first into the negative, to distinguish what we have to do to save ourselves from any imminent danger.  Hence no need to punish ourselves, if we see the negative and we either assume the worst or get stressed from it.  It’s just an acknowledgement that is required.  We just have to go to the next step.

There is Positive & Negative in Everything!

However, quite often it’s not that easy from this initial point to move to the next step once we are aware of the negative.  In this situation, it’s often good to recall that there is both negative and positive in everything.  Believe it or not, there is positive in every experience, even those that are totally horrifying.  This leads to another topic, so please refer to my future blog, School on Earth.

When we search for the positive and acknowledge both positive and negative, then we can have some of our strength back.  Sometimes it makes us realise that the situation wasn’t as bad and it clears our brain from the emergency mode to having more of a clear head.  From here, what one must do will depend on what each of us are facing.  For those that can channel with their own Guides or open to seeking professional service, it’ll be a good idea to check with them first so we don’t waste any of our efforts and also get clarity on the situation and the choices we have.

Whatever the path we choose, what’s good to understand is that we are not given things that we can’t handle.  Earth for us is like a school.  We come down to do lessons for our souls to evolve.  Once all lessons finish, we go back to upstairs (where we came from).

From the difficult experience we face at times, it’s best to focus on the lessons that we can learn from it.  At times, we are being tested for resilience or we are encouraged to build a better one.  Whatever the lesson may be, once we finish, we don’t need to repeat it.  When we are at a close call and a little iffy as to whether we really passed it, then the guide will test us again in the future in a different environment or with different people.  If we have passed it, it will be relatively easy the next time and once they are certain we passed it, we won’t need to do it again.  We usually know the pattern as the emotional turmoil we are put through will be similar.