Soulmate? Part 2

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  


We attract certain types of souls in alignment to the lessons we came down to learn.  So, what kind of situation do we tend to have soulmates?

One example I came across was where a person was exposed to horrible experiences that she didn’t have faith in any romantic relationships.  She avoided building serious relationships for decades until eventually she found a partner that was a soulmate and came to the understanding that her prior view was skewed.  Due to her emotional scar, there was a lot of work that was required to get to that revelation.  Even as a soulmate pair, great patience and strength from both parties were needed to make it work.

Another case was where a person was brought up by a parent that was a soulmate pair.  All her life, she saw the loving and caring relationships that her parents had and she assumed her future will also be the same.  She searched for such loving relationships for herself, but unfortunately her romantic relationships were always volatile.  She was puzzled and asked why she was attracting a wrong kind of men.  Her guide’s answer was that, it was all a well-matched man for the purpose to learn and advance.  She had to understand that not everyone will be like her parents and she had to understand people that did not fit the shape of a relationship that she was used to seeing.

We also sometimes get tested for our strength to see if we can withstand the pain of a loss and this can happen with a soulmate too.  We are required to be strong on our own if need be.  Balanced relationship requires both parties to be strong and be capable of being independent if required whilst also able to embrace the beauty of soul partnership.

Behind the scene of soulmates, there is always vital lessons for each soul to learn.  To outsiders, soulmate relationships may seem all rosy, but there is always work cut out for them.  Our primary goal is for our soul to advance and evolve by learning.  When having a soulmate relationship is going to aid our advancement, it will be arranged.