To Channel for Self ……. or Not?

–   Practical Application of Metaphysical   –  

Is it a good idea to do a channeling for ourselves?

It’s not always easy to channel information for ourselves, when we strongly wish for certain answer.  To do the channeling well, we have to be unbiased and aligned.  However, when our wish is strong, it can be very difficult to maintain this alignment.  If we are not careful, we can end up making our Guides say things in our head rather than to truly hear what they say.  Our fear at times can get in our way of accurate channeling.  For this reason, some professionals choose not to do any channeling for themselves.  It is very similar to physicians not doing operation for their family members.  Due to emotional strain and fear, it’ll be a lot harder to keep their quality of performance.

So, what is recommended?

There is no right or wrong answer here.  The choice comes down to how much work we are willing to put in to it.

If we are able to channel for others, there is no reason why we cannot for ourselves.  Sure, it is going to be more difficult and draining, but if our determination is strong, we will get there.  We just have to continue to practice and build our mental/emotional strength.

There is no quick solution to strengthen ourselves, however, there are tools that we can use to support the accuracy.  Use tools such as pendulums, Tarot cards and so forth to set up many methods of checking the answer to ensure that we will know when we derail in our channeling.  Also, do extra preparation of alignment meditation beforehand, when the question is going to be a challenging one.